Rethinking Work and Play

Episode 51 · July 1st, 2021 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

Hosts Scott Jones and Chris Kutarna have a frank conversation about work and play. From sports to the Marvel Universe, Scott and Chris chat about what play can tell us about society and ourselves.

The Hosts
Chris Kutarna is an author, speaker, facilitator and founder of basecamp (@onecampfire) and the Neue Geographical Society (@braveneueways). He challenges the world to brave new ways, breaking old maps and making new ones towards a shared horizon of a better world.

Scott Jones is a podcaster (Give & Take), speaker, theologian and consultant. He weaves his knowledge of religion, current events, and pop culture to bring listeners on a conversational journey to something entertaining, informative, and oftentimes enlightening.

[00:00] - Wimbledon, weather, and suffering
[12:00] - The pandemic & mental health
[16:30] - Dungeons & Dragons
[24:25] - Superhero alignments
[38:45] - Play is insightful
[46:45] - Our (honest) alignments
[54:50] - Let’s align politicians
[1:02:16] - “Wanting to be one of the good guys”

The Timeless Outputs
Chris really doesn’t know anything about golf, but he can hold his own in the MCU.

We are all profoundly different now than we were 18 months ago. The pandemic experience has changed us, and we’re not bouncing back. By eliminating so many opportunities to play during the pandemic, we refocused our energy on work productivity. And, we’ve lost how we grow and discover through play. What’s the consequence?

Dungeons & Dragons’ alignment paradigm can give us great insight into how we could look at good and evil in our own world. Where good and evil can be divorced from law and crime. For example, we tend to hold people in society to a “lawful good” standard. In a DND game - who wants to be “lawful good”?

We are all so much more complicated and compromised than we can admit in polite company. Because we all like to think of ourselves as good people.

What to do next?
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Watch Westworld (the movie or TV show) to see an imagining of our moral and societal alignments in story.

And, consider the outputs: Ask yourself the questions Scott & Chris found in the conversation.
Start a conversation with your family, friends, or colleagues. Life is a team sport.

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