Who Are The Innovators?

Episode 52 · July 31st, 2021 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

Hosts Scott Jones and Chris Kutarna ask: who are the innovators in our strained society? Building on Merton’s Strain Theory, Scott and Chris explore our relationships to the mainstream from climate to cryptocurrency.

The Hosts
Chris Kutarna is an author, speaker, facilitator and founder of basecamp (@onecampfire) and the Neue Geographical Society (@braveneueways). He challenges the world to brave new ways, breaking old maps and making new ones towards a shared horizon of a better world.

Scott Jones is a podcaster (Give & Take), speaker, theologian and consultant. He weaves his knowledge of religion, current events, and pop culture to bring listeners on a conversational journey to something entertaining, informative, and oftentimes enlightening.

[00:00] - Introduction
[6:50] - The strain currently on climate & society
[10:15] - Making sense of strain then and now
[14:00] - Insight from unsettling truths / Merton’s Strain Theory
[25:00] - Chris wants to be a rebel
[34:40] - Our relationship with the mainstream
[37:50] - We’re all necessary to improvement
[45:50] - What should the goals be?
[49:15] - Alternative labels for Merton’s boxes
[56:00] - Cryptocurrency in 1 () minute
[1:00:35] - Cryptocurrency & Merton’s boxes
[1:03:45] - Typologies as maps & closing the conversation

Explore Merton’s Theory
Check out the show links to find Merton’s (1938) Strain Theory paper & the model Scott and Chris used in the episode.

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