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Episode Archive

52 episodes of The Atlas Project since the first episode, which aired on November 1st, 2018.

  • Episode 4: The Unstoppable Forces Versus The Indomitable Will

    Episode  |  November 4th, 2018  |  50 mins 32 secs

    In this episode of the podcast we consider a number of hot button words thrown around in public discourse today: nationalism, tribalism, globalism, identity, populism...the list goes on. Inspired by a recent podcast discussion one of us heard recently, we wonder if the whole tribalism versus universalism, nationalism versus globalism is really an age old clash between the unstoppable force of technological and economic development and the indomitable human spirit that balks at feeling like more of an object than a subject.

  • Episode 3: The Power of Doubt

    Episode  |  November 3rd, 2018  |  39 mins 20 secs

    When too many people believe they have found truth, democracy breaks down. Once truth has been found, the common project of discovery is complete. There is no more sense in sharing power with those who don’t realize it…To rescue the possibility of groping toward Paradise democratically, we need to inject our own group discourses with doubt.
    In this podcast episiode we dicuss the power of doubt, something we all might need to learn for the sake of human flourishing in our life together.

  • Episode 2: Finding The Real In A Post-Truth World

    Episode  |  November 2nd, 2018  |  30 mins 44 secs

    Enterprising minds have spotted our discontent with disintegration and turned reintegration into an industry. Grocery delivery services here in London emphasize, variously, ‘fresh’, ‘simple’, ‘organic’ or ‘mindful’. Meditation apps are booming. Yoga makes you balanced. Electric cars make you clean. To restore lost relationships — with our food, ourselves, our community, our environment, with the truth — has become one of the most compelling stories reshaping consumer behavior. In this episode we talk about the disintergation we all feel and look to the ancient past to help us find our way to a more integrated future.

  • Episode 1: Has China Got It All Figured Out?

    Episode  |  November 1st, 2018  |  36 mins 48 secs

    These days, the commentariat is talking a lot about China and what China’s rising confidence means for the world—and for the democratic world in particular. In almost all these conversations, at some point someone will mention Francis Fukuyama and his 1992 book, The End of History. Published in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the end of apartheid in South Africa and waves of democratization across Latin America, it was a triumphant cry of victory. Democracy had won. Democracy had answered, definitively, the ages-old question that had driven human history for millennia, namely: What ideas should govern society?